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Our History

Querido Recurso Humano
(Dear Human Resource)

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Our Managing Partners have solid experience directing functions of Human Resources and Business functions at the national and Latin American level, for both Mexican,  and  Multinational companies.

In 2005 our founders started with “personalized” consultancy services, to cover two market gaps: consulting that offers Truly Adaptable Solutions for the contexts, problems, and dimensions of the organizations;  and keeping Fair Prices.

Results have been solid and evident year by year, achieving to expand the scope of clients and ensuring total satisfaction  from our services.

In 2014 the firm expanded and strengthened with :

-New Partners

- Adding  New Programs and Services(Headhunting, Psychometrics, Event Organization, Continuous Improvement- LEAN, Financial Consulting, Strategic Planning, etc.)

-National and International coverage, as well as adaptability of services for SME´s, Institutions, Unions, Production Plants, Corporations and Groups.

-Integrating new talents and developing associates and instructors, etc.

In 2020 it grew again, strengthened and renewed:

-Adding Health & Wellness Services, Mindfulness, Parenting programs for workers, and Psychology. 

-Expanding the scope of services in virtual and face-to-face modality.

We currently have 22 collaborators (partners, coaches, instructors, researchers, administrative and associates), providing services in 4 Areas of Service.

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