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Integral wellness

We understand that the world has drastically changed since COVID-19 Pandemic,  and that the need of Organizations from now on, will be to ensure that their Beloved Human Resource is Well and Healthy.

For this reason, our “Soft” Wellness Programs, based on Coaching, Health & Wellness, Mindfulness Practice and Psychological Support, seeking to generate awareness, training and change management; to positively impact Organizations through their People, Leadership and Culture

Tangible benefits:

-Refocus colleagues to give them a boost of energy and lower stress.

-Reflection of improvement immediately in meetings and interactions with colleagues, teams and immediate boss.

-Improvements in productivity and organizational commitment.


Health & Wellness

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Psychology / Psychosocial Risk

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  • Psychoeducational workshops and webinars: experiential and training to provide practical tools for health and work and life balance.

  • Mindfulness, Health & Wellness workshops: experiential and formative to provide practical tools on health, happiness and fulfillment.

  • Psychological Support Groups: Psychological Containment that allows: Positive Expression, Reflection and Reformulation.

  • Happy Parents-Mothers Program: training, tools, tips and spaces for expression. They can include partners and children.

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